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One day out of the blue, when Parris was five years old, she asked her parents for a tennis racket. 

Surprised at the request, her parents wondered where they could even purchase tennis equipment since they knew nothing of the sport. Not long after, the journey began, one training session after another, revealing a talent and passion for the game that triggered more hours on the court to develop her gift. 

At age eight, her father took her to the renowned Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Florida, where a new level of play was discovered that activated a desire from within to compete with the best in the world.

Parris began to set goals leading to numerous titles and trophies. Blossoming into a top JR. player, she 

advanced into USTA girls 10's and 12's age group ranked #1 regionally and nationally and advanced into 

the top 14's, 16's, and 18's (at only age 13) Parris began to play the PRO ITF tour at age fourteen, traveling throughout the US and to numerous countries to gain experience. To date, Parris holds over 85+ tennis titles.

While building her tennis ranking, Parris received an opportunity she could not pass up to pursue her 

fashion career with one of the biggest retailers in the US and launched her company and brand Waisted, 

USA. A different kind of challenge sprang forth as a businesswoman to run a fashion company and 

continually stay on top of trends to design contemporary sportswear and streetwear for young women 

her age. 

As the pandemic slowed down the globe, Pickleball emerged and there was no going back. Since then, Parris has enjoyed herself more than ever on the courts, and has won over 43 Medals on the APP & PPA tours she also holds 2 MLP titles in 2022 and is a triple crown winner at the US Open in 2023. Parris's ultimate dedication, determination, and championship spirit are quickly advancing her both on 

the court and in life. While on her journey, Parris desires to be an example for kids and adults worldwide, believing that if you cultivate your talents through faith, diligence, always being grateful for every opportunity, and having a good attitude, nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams.


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