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Parris Picked up by Atlanta Bouncers in the First Round of 2023 MLP Season 2 Draft

The Major League Pickleball redraft ahead of the 2023 Season 2 took place last week at City Pickle in Central Park, New York. Parris was invited by the league to participate in the live draft event.

She got picked up in the first round by the Atlanta Bouncers, owned by Anheuser-Busch and lead by General Manager Leigh Anne Rehkopf.

Parris joined Leigh Anne to help the team draft the rest of the line-up: Simone Jardim, Pablo Tellez and Hunter Johnson. Team chemistry is key at Major League Pickleball, and the Atlanta Bouncers will be hard to beat as the pairs have experience competing and practicing together in Naples, Florida.

Parris is looking forward to her Major League Pickleball comeback. After two titles and a final with BLQK last year, she's looking to make more memories and rack up more titles this year.

The first event of Season 2 will take place at home in Atlanta, from September 21-24.


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