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Parris Picked up by Orlando Squeeze in the 2024 Season MLP Draft

The Major League Pickleball Merger with the PPA Tour is now official and the draft for the 2024 season happened last week.  Unlike in year’s past, the MLP Premier draft used a “Dynamic Bidding system”.

Parris got picked up by the Orlando Squeeze, The Orlando Squeeze was formed in 2023 by the DeVos Family. 

Parris will be playing alongside Federico Staksrud, Vivienne David and Tyson Mcguffin. Team energy and passion is a huge factor at Major League Pickleball events and this team will be hard to beat in that field. 

Parris is looking forward to competing again in Major League Pickleball. After two titles and a final with BLQK so far, she's hoping to make more marks and achieve more titles this year with her new team.

The first event of 2024 will take place in Atlanta, from May 09-12.


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